Our Culture: The Nimble Life

NimbleUser is a unique place. Our people are the foundation for everything we do. We understand customer service starts from the inside with employees who are treated well. We believe happy employees are motivated employees. We value the ability to speak up when you have a great idea or you see something that could be done better, from a Nimble AMS feature to how the coffee is made.


Nimble Digs

Our open workspace promotes team interaction and collaboration. Executive corner offices are not our style. Instead, we have embraced an environment where everyone is accessible and approachable. However, we know that not all work can be done in this type of environment. For that reason, we also encourage the use of our many breakout rooms and our lounge area. Everybody works differently and we get that.

Dress Code: Nimble Casual

Can we all be honest - Who actually likes to wear suits everyday? Yeah, neither do we. That's why we have adopted a dress code that we like to call "Nimble Casual". This includes your everyday attire -- jeans, t-shirts, and, of course, flip flops. (We love flip flops so much that we even have an annual celebratory barbeque to welcome flip flop season.) It's much easier to focus on making great software when you're not worrying about your necktie or wondering if your shoes match your belt. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nimble Traditions

Just like a family, the NimbleUser team has established many traditions in our 20+ years. One of our favorites is the Saltine Challenge, a game that requires participants to eat 5 saltines in under a minute. Other NimbleUser traditions include our annual summer picnic, Flip Flop Opening Day BBQ, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Rochester Bowl for Kids’ Sake event, Thanksgiving potluck, impromptu happy hours, and various team events throughout the year.

Nimble Perks

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are ok, but here are some of NimbleUser's favorite things:

  • Fresh ground organic coffee brewed throughout the day
  • Stocked tea supply for the non-coffee drinkers (Yes, they exist!)
  • Standing desks
  • Google everything! Email, docs, hangouts, etc. 
  • Stocked beverage cooler with sparkling water and soda
  • Our own custom mugs, complete with our photos on them
  • Flexible schedules and ability to work remotely 
  • Fun, motivated teammates
  • Cake

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