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The Great Cake Revolt: Three Years Later

Written by Courtney Lill

Today marks the three year anniversary of #TheGreatCakeRevoltof2014, a very important day in NimbleUser history. This day is a constant reminder of a seemingly simple suggestion that sparked outrage and threatened to change the future of NimbleUser gatherings forever. 

Nimbler Matt Reiner initially reported on the event. I caught up with him to ask him how he feels NimbleUser has changed since that day. He said, “Each time we eat cake, we remember our forefathers who, through relentless Chatter posts, brought liberty to NimbleUser, and the cake we enjoy today. It's sweet, sweet freedom."

Cake Room.JPG

We must never forget the events that shape us, and we must not let history repeat itself. In honor of the brave Nimblers who rebelled for the sake of cake, we have set up a memorial breakout room.

I'm sure that this revolt will be covered in history textbooks someday. Until then, the full original story can be found here

New Nimbler on the Block: Grant Gadomski

Written by Courtney Lill

Grant.JPGPlease help us welcome Grant Gadomski to the NimbleUser team! Grant currently attends the Rochester Institute of Technology and is majoring in software engineering. He is joining the product development team as a co-op student. 

Fun Facts about Grant:

  • He was born in Honolulu. 
  • He lived in 4 different states while growing up.
  • He loves to golf when he can, cycle when it’s not snowing, and make music when he’s stuck indoors.

Grant’s past co-op experiences were in large corporations, so he is excited to be at a smaller company with a more laid-back environment where he can work on interesting and impactful projects. Grant’s favorite perks so far? His standing desk, the great coffee, and being able to wear jeans and dress comfortably everyday.

Welcome to the Nimbleverse, Grant! We’re happy to have you here!

New Year, More Nimbleness

Written by Courtney Lill

Family has dispersed, stockings have been taken down, and resolutions have been set (...and possibly already broken -- don’t judge me). The holiday season has officially come to an end. Although taking time away from the office is necessary, I can’t lie -- I had definitely started to miss the coffee and my fellow Nimblers. It’s good to be back!

Now that I’m refueled, I will let you in on three things you can count on from NimbleUser in 2017:

  1. There will be many humorous and random happenings in our office, and we will document them all for your entertainment. Another rogue bird in the office? A second cake revolt? More grilled cheese Fridays? You’ll have to stay tuned to our blog to find out (and you can keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter as well)!
  2. We will have multiple Nimble celebrations! We may or may not already be counting down the days until Flip Flop Opening Day…
  3. We will continue to bring our customers the most innovative AMS built on the Salesforce App Cloud. They are the people driving change and making the world a better place -- they deserve the very best.

With that, the NimbleUser team would like to wish you all a very happy 2017. We are excited to see what the new year will bring and we will #EnjoyTheRide the entire way. Cheers!


A Fun-Sized Thanksgiving

Written by Courtney Lill

Oh, the weather outside is frightful -- 11 inches of snow, to be exact -- but even that couldn’t stop us from getting together for our annual Thanksgiving potluck! The Thanksgiving potluck is one of our favorite NimbleUser traditions. Just like a big family, we gather around for lunch and laughter (then remain in a #FoodComa for the remainder of the day).

To shake things up, Mike Baszto, our Support Analyst (and Potluck Specialist), suggested that we have a Tiny Thanksgiving Potluck. And just what is a “Tiny Potluck”, you ask? Great question. After all, there is never anything small about a Thanksgiving meal or a potluck.

A Tiny Potluck consists only of bite-sized foods or finger foods. Think of it as turning every piece of a Thanksgiving dinner into hand-passed appetizers. I personally love tiny versions of anything (looking at you, mini Frappuccinos) and a good appetizer spread, so the thought of all of this made me very happy.

Imagining Thanksgiving dinner in this form was a little difficult at first, but as always, the NimbleUser team was up to the challenge. With a little creativity and innovation, we had a complete Thanksgiving meal in tiny form. It included everything from mini stuffing muffins to mini green bean casserole bites and everything in between. We chased all of it down with mini caramel apple mimosas served in mini martini glasses. It was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday week!

Happy Thanksgiving from the NimbleUser Team!

Blog Graphic Thanksgiving



Who Runs the World? Girls.

Written by Courtney Lill

 “I just love bossy women. I could be around them all day. To me, bossy is not a pejorative term at all. It means somebody's passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn’t mind leading.”   

-Amy Poehler

On Wednesday, a few Nimble women spent some time out of the office at the 2016 Women’s Leadership Summit in Rochester, NY. The summit consisted of a half day of learning and networking with over 600 other professional women. The keynote, given by Amy Franko, Founder and President of the Impact Instruction Group, discussed how to be a leader of impact and influence and touched on everything from learning agility to ways to cultivate resilience.

The afternoon sessions included presentations and panel discussions on a variety of topics such as negotiation skills, emotional intelligence, demonstrating executive potential, and many more. The day ended with networking and speed mentoring, which allowed attendees to sit down with successful female executives to get their advice and guidance.

Here are some of our favorite takeaways:

  • In order to lead you must go first. Step out and step up!
  • View time at the macro level. Think of it in terms of filling a jar. Focus on the boulders (large tasks that help you accomplish your goals), followed by the rocks, gravel and then the sand (small tasks that don’t help us reach our goals).
  • Always have a personal development plan.
  • Be an advocate for yourself when it comes to new opportunities, learning and career advancement.
  • Don’t worry about being liked. Instead, focus on being respected.
  • The higher up you go in your career, the more imperfect information you will have.
  • Create a “Stop Doing” list. Include all the things that drain you and exhaust you and are unnecessary expenses against your valuable time.

Overall, It was an awesome event that energized and inspired us to continue to grow as strong, intelligent women in both our professional and personal lives. We are appreciative of the opportunity to attend and also to work for a company that sees value in sending us to events like this one.

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