Nimble Blog : New Nimbler on the Block: Grant Gadomski

New Nimbler on the Block: Grant Gadomski

Written by Courtney Lill

Grant.JPGPlease help us welcome Grant Gadomski to the NimbleUser team! Grant currently attends the Rochester Institute of Technology and is majoring in software engineering. He is joining the product development team as a co-op student. 

Fun Facts about Grant:

  • He was born in Honolulu. 
  • He lived in 4 different states while growing up.
  • He loves to golf when he can, cycle when it’s not snowing, and make music when he’s stuck indoors.

Grant’s past co-op experiences were in large corporations, so he is excited to be at a smaller company with a more laid-back environment where he can work on interesting and impactful projects. Grant’s favorite perks so far? His standing desk, the great coffee, and being able to wear jeans and dress comfortably everyday.

Welcome to the Nimbleverse, Grant! We’re happy to have you here!


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