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ABC, It's Easy as Apple Blueberry Crisp, Baked Beans, and Cupcakes

Written by Courtney Lill

The days are getting noticeably shorter, the air is a little more crisp, and the leaves are beginning to change colors. Yep, it’s September. The summer went by in a flash and it’s time for students to go back to school (and for me to enjoy all the fresh notebooks and pens that are available because of it).

Today, the NimbleUser team waved goodbye to summer and put their own spin on back to school time with an ABC Potluck. The catch? Participants had to draw a letter out of a hat and bring a dish that started with that letter. Sounds simple enough, but it definitely brought out the creative side of many Nimblers! We had “Fritters of Apple” for F, “X-tra Decadent Xocolatl Cupcakes” for X, “Ruffalo Chicken Dip” for R (complete with photos of actor Mark Ruffalo of course), and many other delicious creations. It was a fun way to get the team together for some lunch and laughter. Plus, we celebrate the beginning of warm weather with our Flip Flop Barbeque, so it's only right that we give it a proper farewell also! 

ABC Potluck 

Lessons Learned on the NimbleUser Playground

Written by Courtney Lill

What if I told you that you could have a chance to relive your elementary school recess days? Most of us would jump at that chance. (I’m speaking for the general population here -- not the people, like me, who spent their recess time doing cartwheels and picking dandelions while the other kids played real games.)

Today, the NimbleUser team had that opportunity and fully embraced it. We had our very first combined pig roast and potluck with our downstairs building neighbors, Synoptek. We had a ton of fun, and it didn’t take long before a Friday afternoon lunch break turned itself into a recess blast from the past.

As you probably guessed, I sat back and observed -- Truly surprising, I know. I realized some interesting things as I watched the activities unfold:

  1. Any stereotype you’ve heard about tech people not being athletic is incorrect. I’ve never seen people dive to the ground in 4-square… until today. If that’s how they play now, can you imagine them on the playground in elementary school? If you don't believe me, check out the highlights and some of the signature moves below. And you thought these people were only good at Nimble AMS...ha!
  2. There’s nothing wrong with being the cartwheeling kid. We all have our different talents and hobbies. That’s what makes us such a diverse and interesting group of people and also what makes these events so entertaining.
  3. These people really are great. We work hard, but we definitely know how to play hard, too. We are super competitive, but we are also each other’s cheerleaders. Really - how cool is that?

Overall, it was a great event and a much needed break for the NimbleUser team. We will take any excuse to enjoy the beautiful Rochester summer weather. Check out our photos from the event on Facebook!

As a side note, we are also simultaneously collecting supplies for needy animals at a local animal shelter. We wanted to point out that we do see the irony of this and the pig roast on the same week. What can I say? We’re complicated like that.

Pig roast highlights

How NimbleUser Makes The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Written by Sig VanDamme

Nimble User Official FuelA great team deserves great coffee and at NimbleUser we take great enjoyment in having some of the very best coffee around.

Nimble AMS is fueled by Salesforce and NimbleUser is fueled by great coffee

We are often asked what is involved in making our coffee great.  Here is how we do it.

The Basics

For a great cup of coffee these basics are required:

  1. Start with Great Beans.  We get all of our coffee from the Dalai Java in Canandaigua, NY. To us that means:

    1. Fresh and recently roasted.  Ideally beans have been roasted in the last two weeks.  Our favorite roasts are  Brazilian (“Full bodied, bold french roast”) and Peruvian (“medium bodied and complex with chocolaty richness”).  We find these to be the smoothest and most flavorful. Organic

    2. Organic - Did you know that conventional coffee farmers apply up to 250 pounds of chemical fertilizers per acre?  That pesticide residue negatively affects the taste of your morning cup of Joe.  Even worse, these pesticides contribute to a wide range of health problems, including cancer.  

    3. Fair TradeFair Trade - this means that the people that work (and it is very hard work) to grow and harvest the beans are being treated fairly.  We feel that better working conditions lead to a better bean.  

    4. Single source ensures consistency of flavor and accountability of the supply chain.  Ben Clarke, the manager and roaster at the Dalai Java, states that flavor can vary not only by region but from farm to farm and being able to isolate the desirable flavor characteristics is central to a great cup of coffee.

  2. Grind Frequently.  Always grind your beans as close to the brew time as possible (for convenience we grind about every other day). A burr or mill grinder is preferable because all of the coffee is ground to a consistent size.   We use the Bunn Commercial G3 22100.000 grinder and it does a great job.   

    Make sure your grind matches what you are going to make your coffee in.  Fine for an Aeropress, coarse for French press, etc.

  3. Use Filtered Water - Chlorine and impurities affect taste - nuff said.

  4. Get the Water Temperature Right - We have found that 200 degrees water results in the best taste.  

The Right Equipment

We use three coffee makers at NimbleUser:

  1. Bun Coffee 38700.0010_Axiom _DV_APS_1For high volume, we use a Bunn AXIOM-DV-APS commercial coffee brewer. It should be noted that this is not the best way to brew coffee but it is the best way when you need to brew gallons of it at a time.  We really like the ability to control the pre-infusion, pulse brew and steeping (in simple terms this allows us to control the amount of time the water is in contact with the grounds - we have it maxed out).  

    Another key feature is that it deposits the coffee into an Airpot which keeps the coffee warm without keeping it on a heater.

    The perfect coffee to water ratio is widely debated.  With this brewer we have found that 1 cup of coffee to 96 oz of water is the best.  

  2. AeropressThe Aeropress is widely regarded as one of the best ways to make coffee (and is my favorite) .   AeroPress brewed coffee is very smooth and significantly less acidic (about 1/5 the acidity of drip coffee.  The downsides:  It takes time to brew (about 3-5 minutes including cleanup), it only makes espresso and it makes just one serving at a time.

  3. Our Bodum French Press is used everyday by a number of Nimblers and has a great more robust flavor because there is no paper filter and the oils remain in the extracted coffee.  It makes about 8 cups but it also takes time (4 minutes to brew + cleanup).  


Life is too short to drink bad coffee.  Our switch to the best coffee experience was definitely an investment (we went through over 200 pounds of it last year) but it was one we have never looked back on.  Every morning we get positive reinforcement that it was worth every penny!  

 Coffee Smile



Written by Matt Reiner

On February 21st 2014, the Nimbleverse was brought to near destruction as one of the very cornerstones of NimbleUser was challenged. The very underpinnings of the organization were tested as many friends fought together to seek justice in the #TheGreatCakeRevoltOf2014.

There's no telling just how it started, perhaps as many other revolts start, with an opposing idea. Whatever the case, at 1:55 PM est., on that fateful day, a nameless Nimbler posted a message on Chatter in direct opposition to what many considered to be a pillar of Nimble traditions.

(Please note that all names have been redacted to protect the identities of all involved.)

The post read as follows:

1:55 - [REDACTED]
"Opinions Wanted. How do people feel about moving away from doing cakes in conjunction with staff meetings? Alternatively we could celebrate bdays/anniversaries with a monthly brunch (bagels, breakfast fare etc). My thoughts behind this: have another gathering time with one another outside of the staff meeting time, support a healthy culture etc. We could still do the usual cookies with the sandwiches etc. but just not the full cakes each month. Chime in."

It's worth calling out a few phrases that lead to this incident that would live in infamy. Phrases like "How do people feel about moving away from doing cakes" and "just not the full cakes" stirred such a response that no one Nimbler will ever be the same again. Nimblers from all over did, in fact,"[c]hime in" with opposing comments like:

2:29 - [REDACTED]
"boo to no cake."

2:32 - [REDACTED]

2:33 - [REDACTED]
"[REDACTED], you are going to create a revolt in the Services/Support area if you take away all our junk food."

2:36 - [REDACTED]
"moar food. Cake AND breakfasts!"

It was noted at 2:47 by the Nimbler who wrote the offending post that things were not "going well". Things "went from getting rid of cake to 'cake, cake, more cake'" and the gloves where off when one even challenged whether lighter fare could even be considered "healthier".

From between 3:04 to 3:09 Nimbler support for the cause wavered as the conversation drifted into discussion of "continental breakfast", "breakfast pizza", and "march[ing] down the canal". The revolt seemed to be over, when suddenly, at 3:09, a brave Nimbler exclaimed "Cake. All day, errday!"

Under the weight of this brave yet daunting new challenge, a leader among the Nimblers publicly removed herself from the struggle, and refused to be involved in the conflict. While some chose this noncommittal route, others tried to suggest cake alternatives, to no avail.

At this point it was clear that NimbleUser would not fair this rebellion without the continued support of confectionary concoctions at every staff meeting. In an attempt to move past the conflict and set things straight, a public apology was issued to the staff in the form of a image posted on Chatter at 3:26:

 Redacted Cake Apology

Though the masses grew silent, there were some who refused to fall into compliance as one exclaimed:

3:30 - [REDACTED]
"The cake is a lie!"

And another:

3:30 - [REDACTED]
"[REDACTED] I don't accept your fake apology! Cake apologies are to be made with actual cake!"

With this truth ringing out, it was not until 3:36 that this incident was officially named #TheGreatCakeRevoltOf2014, and so it is known to this day.

It goes without saying that the very next staff meeting had a very large cake, though hardly anyone ate any of it. This truly illustrates that the revolt does not serve as proof that Nimblers actually eat cake, but that they want the option to do so. There are many things that Nimblers are very good at doing, and there is one thing that should never be kept from them: Qu'ils mangent de la brioche "errday"!