Nimble SYNC_LogoNimble Sync AMS - Sync Your Association Data SQL With Salesforce CRM

Sync With Your AMS

Nimble Sync provides the integration middleware to connect your instance with your existing Association Management System or other data store.

The Nimble Sync tool is comprised of two main components:

  1. Sync Tool executable that transfers data to Salesforce from the Association Management Software
  2. Hosted web service that facilitates AMS system updates or inserts from Salesforce

The Nimble Sync tool is provider independent and we currently have providers built for:

    • iMIS Association Management Software
    • Andar/360
    • SQL Server

Contact us if you do not see your Association Management Software in our current provider list - we are looking to add more providers. 

Nimble Sync has complete support for Salesforce Person Accounts.